MILANO SALONE 2006 - [AnyAny] --- AnyAny would make anything all over the world.

AnyAny (Fig.1)
anywhere, anytime, with anyone,,, anyway do anything.
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about AnyAny
Anyway AnyAny do anything, anywhere we want, anytime we want, with anyone you want to participate in us.
Now AnyAny consist of six-member. We flock on the internet using Skype when we conceive of the amusing plan. We build the project up without meeting each other. And then it runs immediately anywhere all over the world, just for surprising anyone, amusing anyone.
current work
[Play Any] (Fig.3,4)
the case of Marco & Abbie in Milan,
2006.04.05 Wed - 04.10 Mon,

doing play with making a jungle gym through one's memories

i am crazy about having fun and then anything come into my head and i create my own world myself, playing without games consoles, special tools or any rules, and chairs, desks and even trees in my girl friend's garden can be given life and be something amazing and ... just as their own shapes, and ... for playing and being surprised

Don't miss it!
[shikaku-park] in Tokyo Designers Flock(TDF) (Fig.2)
Omote-Sandoh St. in Tokyo,
2002.10.10 Thu - 10.14 Mon,

doing play with making a jungle gym through one's memories
Shall we play Any Any?

AnyAny would build a jungle gym all over the world. If you want to cooperate with AnyAny, please fill out these questionnaire,and submit.
* please fill out in English.

I can get you to stay my house for several days, if about 5 people
I manage to gather wasted furniture

I can speak English and I can interpret the local language
I am good at cooking
I can manage a truck
I have a good deal of kindness
I live in  

My name is  

My e-mail address is  


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Fig.1 : logo
Fig.3 : Flyer of [Play Any] in Milan (big image)
Fig.4 : [Play Any] in Milan (more images)
Fig.2 : in TDF
(c) 2006 AnyAny